Your First Visit

We are always excited to see our patients, and we especially enjoy talking with new patients about their orthodontic concerns. We understand that each patient has different health needs, aesthetic goals and expectations about treatment. We set aside this special time at your first visit to discuss all aspects of your orthodontic care.

Prior to your visit, we will ask you to complete our New Patient Registration Form. A copy of this form will be included in an informational packet that will be emailed to you or can be obtained by clicking on the "Patient Forms" tab on the left.  This important information will allow us to review your basic medical and dental information regarding any past or current conditions that may affect your orthodontic diagnosis and future treatment. We may also wish to contact your dentist to obtain copies of recent X-rays, find out their concerns about your teeth and to develop a team approach to your treatment.

Your initial consultation appointment with our office is complimentary. After being welcomed by our friendly staff and a brief tour of our office, we will take a set of high quality digital photographs to make the diagnosis and description of your occlusion easier. We will perform a complete examination to determine any problems that may exist with the health and aesthetics of your teeth, gums and smile. If treatment is indicated, we will explain the nature of the orthodontic problems and present an individualized treatment plan that is unique to your case. An estimation of your treatment duration will be discussed along with any treatment or appliance options that may be available. Our staff will then provide you with an examination report, information regarding future appointments and will discuss payment and insurance options. If you are not quite ready for treatment, we will be happy to monitor future growth and development changes with complimentary observation visits. Please allow approximately one hour for your consultation appointment so that we can be sure to answer all of your questions.