Smile For A Lifetime

Dr. Shimizu supports the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation which is a non-profit, charitable organization comprised of local chapters throughout the country that provides quality orthodontic treatment for patients who may not have the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, straight smile without financial assistance.

Application and Helpful Guidelines in Applying for Braces through the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation

  • Click here for the application (PDF format) and click here for the guidelines (PDF format) for the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation scholarship. If you cannot open PDFs download Adobe Reader for free.
  • Letters of Recommendation are mandatory. Please do not submit more than two letters, and limit each reference to one page each. Please type or print clearly with black ink (no pencil).
  • Your attached picture of the applicant's teeth must be clear.
  • Your application, letter of reference and picture will not be returned to you and will become property of Smile for a Lifetime Foundation.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the area which the Foundation serves.
  • Return your completed application to:

    Smile for a Lifetime Foundation
    c/o Kenneth Shimizu, DDS, MSD
    Attn: Jamie Manuel R.D.A 20 years
    877 West Fremont Ave, Ste G-1
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Applications which do not meet these criteria will not be voted on by our Board of Directors. Applicants who are not chosen can reapply for the next quarter. Our Board of Directors will meet quarterly to make their selections.