People are Talking

Here are some of the things that people in our community are saying about Shimizu Orthodontics and the team:

"Dr. Shimizu is a top-notch orthodontist who hires a great staff. The care for my eight year old son has been superb from the first day of in-office dental photos and analysis by Jamie, who was so sweet and gentle with my son. Dr. Shimizu and all his staff provide one-on-one service of the kind doctors provided back in the day. I called this morning to inquire about adjusting my son's apparatus. The very person who answered the phone, Terri, was able to provide me with the technical answers I needed. No voice mail. No call back. Just friendly and efficient service right away. If you are a child or adult requiring dental alignment, you are in the best of care with Dr. Shimizu and his motivated and highly professional staff. If you are considering another orthodontist, at least take the time to schedule a second opinion. We did and now Dr. Shimizu is our family orthodontist of choice."

"Excellent dentist, excellent staff and excellent results. The most unbelievable part of the whole organization is the functionality that exists internally — always a good vibe and sincere. I can't imagine a better combination of value items."

"Great with kids! This is a wonderful office. Both my sons received their braces with Dr. Shimizu. The office is run with fun at heart and is great at working with the kids and the parents. I would highly recommend this man to anyone who needs braces with their kids."

"My dentist sent me to Dr. Shimizu, and it's who he went to for himself. They are great, and I am very happy with how they work and the options he explained to me. I took his recommendations, but he let me decide on how to go forward. They are really great."

"On the wall of Dr. Shimizu's office, you will notice the photos of his patients, and they have the most natural looking smiles. This was very important to our family. So many children receive treatment from other orthodontists and are left with that over-expanded picket fence look. Dr. Shimizu has a knack for making a child's mouth fit their face. My daughter did not even have to have the second phase of braces as he did such a good job of planning the future growth of the permanent molars. We are ready to start braces for my second daughter and would not even think of going anywhere else. I have recommended him to many and will continue to do so."

"Our two kids also went to Dr. Ken Shimizu, and he was outstanding. Great medical care, always on time and a great guy with a pleasant staff."

"We have used Dr. Shimizu for braces for both adults and children and have had great service and amazing results with both. The staff is wonderful and they make the appointments enjoyable. They were great with billing us on a family plan. Dr Shimizu is engaging and friendly. The annual patient picnic is a great time, and the incentive contests he has are a lot of fun. I love the before and after pictures and the bottle of sparkling cider when treatment is done."

"Dr. Shimizu in Sunnyvale is great! He has a good rapport with the kids. He knows his stuff and has a great staff, incentives for the kids to take care of their teeth, a yearly picnic at Saratoga Springs and cookies and cake in the waiting area. My kids always enjoy going there. My son gets his braces off next month."

"The entire staff at Dr. Shimizu's office is friendly and polite. We have been seeing Dr. Shimizu for orthodontics for five years. He is gentle and takes the time to explain it all. The staff do extra things to make the experience fun for the kids — summer vacation contests, summer barbecue and seasonal contests."

"I have an extremely fearful child, but Dr. Shimizu and his staff were able to get braces on my child and maintain them. I am very pleased with everything about the experience. I highly recommend Dr. Shimizu for orthodontia for adults and children."